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Dog Themed Cutting BoardHandmade DOG BREED CUTTING BOARDS made of durable tempered glass!.  Each glass cutting board measures approximately  9"  x  11".  Tempered Glass is 5  times stronger than regular glass and is virtually indestructible. It will look great for years to come - no chips, cracks, scratches or cut marks!


Glass is sanitary and will not hold bacteria, stains, or odors. No need to clean with harsh chemicals to prevent cross contamination. And of course,  they are dishwasher safe  (top rack only)!


Dog Themed Cutting BoardOur GLASS CUTTING BOARDS  are also heat resistant and can be used to rest your hot casseroles on or just as a decorative display. Lots of Dog Breeds to choose from.  Pictures are Clear and Crisp!


Note:  When washing your cutting board, use only mild dish soap and soft cloth.  Do not use any chemical cleaners like Windex, 409, etc. Do not scrub with any abrasive pad.

  • We are recognized for having some of the most Unique Dog Designs you will find Anywhere on the Internet !!
  • Dishwasher Safe.  (top rack only)
  • A Great Gift for Any Dog Lover!
  • Sanitary, will hold no bacteria, stains, or odors.
  • 5 times stronger than regular glass- virtually indestructible!
  • Will look great for years- no chips, cracks, scratches or cut marks.

Dog Themed Cutting Board             Dog Themed Cutting Board            

Price:  $37.95 each + S&H  (Ships out in 1-3 days)


Choose your cutting board breed and style from the alpha list below:

A-A   A-B   B-B   B-C   C-C   C-D   D-G   G-G   G-K   K-M   M-P   P-P   R-S   S-S   S-W   W-Y

Breed & Style #        Quantity: