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Dog BandannasDOG BANDANAS -
A Little Something For The Christian Dog!  These Triangle  DOG BANDANAS measure approximately 28" long on the end that wraps around the dogs neck, and the other 2 sides are approximately 20" long. They are embroidered on one side with "Amazing Love". These 100% quality cotton DOG BANDANAS are reversible, top stitched all the way around the perimeter and machine washable.

They will fit a dog with a neck size up to 24" and can be sized down for a small dog by folding down the neck side of bandanna. Four cute patterns to choose from. Each pattern has a reverse side with a solid complimentary color and embroidery

. Amazing Love! Let it happen for you and your dog!  A great addition to any dogs accessories.  Especially the Evangelical Dog!        FREE SHIPPING!

  • A Unique Christian Gift!   DOG BANDANNA - with embroidery.
  • Reversible Dog Bandana with 4 cute designs to choose from, opposite side is a solid color with embroidery.
  • Generous 28" long neck wrap
  • High quality 100% cotton,  top stitched all the way around, Machine Washable.
  • Will fit a dog with a neck size up to 24" and will size down for small dogs.


$14.99 each                        FREE SHIPPING!
Style:   Quantity:
Style #1                                     Style #2                                    
Dog Bandannas Dog Bandannas    
Style #3 Style #4    
Dog Bandannas Dog Bandannas
COMMON SIDE TO ALL THE PATTERNS - complimentary solid color with embroidery
Dog Bandannas  

  Dog Bandannas Dog Bandannas