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  One of our top sellers!


Each Ceramic DOG BREED PIN  is skillfully hand sculpted and hand painted with extraordinary detail. These pins are trimmed in  24k Gold and characteristic features are captured in each individual dog breed.


All  DOG BREED PINS  come mounted on a beautiful handwritten card which describes briefly the particular distinguishing traits of the breed.


Included: Turquoise Tiffany Gift Box makes a beautiful gift presentation to any dog lover!  These ceramic DOG BREED PINS  are approximately: 1-1/2" - 2"
Quality dog merchandise made in the USA.



Price:  $38.95  each   plus  S & H   (ships out in 10-15 days)




Click below to see available dog pins:  
Afghan Hound (fawn) AFG-F.jpg
Afghan Hound, trotting (fawn) AFG-T-F.jpg
Airedale Terrier (side view) AT-SV.jpg
Akita (brn_wht) AKT-BRWC37D.jpg
Akita (fawn) AKT-F.jpg
Akita (pinto) AKT-PNT.jpg
Alaskan Malamute AML.jpg
American Cocker Spaniel (black) ACS-B.jpg
American Cocker Spaniel (b_w) ACS-BW5B3C.jpg
American Cocker Spaniel (fawn) ACS-F.jpg
American Eskimo AE.jpg
American Staffordshire Terrier (side view) AST-SV.jpg
Australian Cattle Dog ACD.jpg
Australian Shepherd (blue merle) AS-BM.jpg
Australian Shepherd (tri) AS-T.jpg
Australian Terrier AT.jpg
Basenji BSN.jpg
Basset Hound (blk_tan) BSH-BT91BF.jpg
Basset Hound (side view) (blk_tan) BH-SV-BT5593.jpg
Basset Hound (side view) (tri) BSH-SV-T.jpg
Beagle (side view) BGL-SV.jpg
Beagle BGL.jpg
Bearded Collie (black) BC-B.jpg
Bearded Collie (brown) BC-BR.jpg
Bearded Collie (fawn) BC-F.jpg
Bedlington Terrier (grey) BDT-G.jpg
Belgian Malinois BML.jpg
Belgian Sheepdog (b_w) BSD-BW2986.jpg
Belgian Tervuren (gld_blk) BTV-GB2861.jpg
Bernese Mountain Dog BMD.jpg
Bichon Frise (side view) BF-SV.jpg
Bichon Frise BF.jpg
Black Russian Terrier BRT.jpg
Bloodhound BH.jpg
Border Collie BDC.jpg
Border Collie, Working Pose (b_w) BC-WP-BWE3A6.jpg
Border Collie, Working Pose (red_wht) BC-WP-RW721F.jpg
Border Terrier (side view) (blu_tan) BDT-SV-BLUT5D98.jpg
Border Terrier (side view) (grizzle_tan) BDT-SV-GRTD1BA.jpg
Borzai (red_wht) BZ-RW8629.jpg
Borzoi (b_w) BZ-BW9ECF.jpg
Boston Terrier (side view) BT-SV.jpg
Bouvier des Flandres BdF.jpg
Boxer (side view) (red) BXR-SV-R.jpg
Boxer (sitting) (red) BXR-S-R.jpg
Briard (black) BRD-B.jpg
Briard (fawn) BRD-F.jpg
Briard BRD.jpg
Britany Spaniel BRT.jpg
Brussels Griffon BG.jpg
Bull Terrier BT.jpg
Bulldog (3_4 view) (bringle) BD-3_4-BDLA868.jpg
Bulldog (3_4 view) (fawn) BD-3_4-FE690.jpg
Bulldog (brindle) BD-BDL.jpg
Bulldog (fawn) BD-F.jpg
Bullmastiff (fawn) BMST-F.jpg
Bullmastiff (red) BMST-R.jpg
Cairn Terrier (show pose) (grey brindle) CRN-SP-GBDL.jpg
Cairn Terrier (show pose) CRN-SP.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (blenheim) CKS-B.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (blk_tan) CKS-BT5BD9.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (ruby) CKS-R.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (side view) (blenheim) CKS-SV-B.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (side view) (blk_tan) CKS-SV-BT72BE.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (side view) (tri) CKS-SV-T.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (tri) CKS-T.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (dk_brn) CBR-DB801B.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (med_brn) CBR-MB1497.jpg
Chihuahua (long-hair) (fawn) C-LH-F.jpg
Chihuahua (long-hair) (parti b_w) C-LH-PBW7D2C.jpg
Chihuahua (long-hair) (parti red) C-LH-PR.jpg
Chihuahua (long-hair) (sable) C-LH-SBL.jpg
Chihuahua (long-hair) (tri) C-LH-T.jpg
Chihuahua (smooth-hair) (fawn) C-SH-F.jpg
Chihuahua (smooth-hair) (tan_wht) C-SH-TW5EFF.jpg
Chihuahua (smooth-hair) (tri) C-SH-T.jpg
Chinese Crested Hairless (blue) CC-H-BL.jpg
Chinese Crested Hairless (copper) CC-H-CP.jpg
Chinese Crested Hairless (pink) CC-H-P.jpg
Chinese Crested Powderpuff CC-PP.jpg
Chow Chow CWCW.jpg
Clumber Spaniel CLS.jpg
Collie, Rough (sable) COL-S.jpg
Collie, Smooth (blu merle) COL-SM-BM.jpg
Collie, Smooth (sable) COL-SM-S.jpg
Collie, Smooth (tri) COL-SM-T.jpg
Coonhound, Black & Tan CH-BT.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Cardigan (side view) (blu_merle) CWC-SV-BM301D.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Cardigan (side view) (brindle) CWC-SV-BDL.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Cardigan (side view) (brown) CWC-SV-BRN.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Cardigan (side view) (tri) CWC-SV-T.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Pembroke (red_wht) CWP-RW3E30.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Pembroke (side view) (red_blk) CWP-SV-RB5558.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Pembroke (side view) (tri) CWP-SV-T.jpg
Corgi, Welsh Pembroke (tri) CWP-T.jpg
Curly Coated Retriever CCR.jpg
Dachshund (blk_tan) D-BTC09F.jpg
Dachshund (red) D-R.jpg
Dachshund (wire-haired) (red_grzl) D-WH-RGRZ1299.jpg
Dachshund, Long-haired (blk_tan) D-LH-BT8335.jpg
Dachshund, Long-haired (grey) D-LH-G.jpg
Dachshund, Long-haired (red) D-LH-R.jpg
Dachshund, Wire-haired (blk_tan) D-WH-BT9821.jpg
Dalmation DL.jpg
Dandi Dinmont Terrier (mustard) DDT-M.jpg
Dandie Dinmont Terrier DDT.jpg
Doberman Pinscher (blk_tan) DOB-BTAF03.jpg
Doberman Pinscher (red) DOB-R.jpg
English Cocker Spaniel (blue_roan) ECS-BLU-R8255.jpg
English Cocker Spaniel (gold) ECS-G.jpg
English Setter (liver_wht) ES-LW864B.jpg
English Setter (red_wht) ES-RWA59B.jpg
English Springer Spaniel (blk_wht) ESS-BWD943.jpg
English Springer Spaniel (liver_wht) ESS-LW5B7C.jpg
English Springer Spaniel (side pose) (b_w) ESS-SP-BW7B43.jpg
English Springer Spaniel (side pose) (liver_wht) ESS-SP-LWEAEB.jpg
Field Spaniel FS.jpg
Finnish Spitz FN-SPZ.jpg
Flat Coated Retriever FCR.jpg
Fox Terrier, Smooth (blk_wht) FT-S-BW415E.jpg
Fox Terrier, Smooth (tri) FT-S-T.jpg
Fox Terrier, Toy FT-T.jpg
Fox Terrier, Wire (front view) FT-W-FV.jpg
Fox Terrier, Wire (show pose) FT-W-SP.jpg
French Bulldog (blk_wht) (parti collar) FBD-BW-PC3A2F.jpg
French Bulldog (brindle) FBD-BNDL.jpg
French Bulldog (b_w) FBD-BW2A37.jpg
French Bulldog (fawn) (parti collar) (xmas) FBD-F-PC-XMas.jpg
French Bulldog (fawn) (parti collar) FBD-F-PC.jpg
French Bulldog (fawn) FBD-F.jpg
German Shepherd (running) GS-R.jpg
German Shepherd GS.jpg
German Shothaired Pointer (liv_wht) GSP-LWD06D.jpg
German Wirehaired Pointer (lvr_wht) GWP-LW3F6E.jpg
Golden Retriever (side view) (larger) GR-SV-L.jpg
Golden Retriever (side view) GR-SV.jpg
Golden Retriever (sitting) GR-S.jpg
Gordon Setter GS.jpg
Great Dane (brindle) GRD-BNDL.jpg
Great Dane (fawn) GRD-F.jpg
Great Dane (harlequin) GRD-H.jpg
Great Pyrenees GP.jpg
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog GSMD.jpg
Greyhound GH.jpg
Havanese (front view) HV-FV.jpg
Havanese (side view) HV-SV.jpg
Ibizan Hound IBZ.jpg
Irish Setter ISTR.jpg
Irish Terrier IST.jpg
Irish Water Spaniel IWS.jpg
Irish Wolfhound IWH.jpg
Italian Greyhound (miniature_sitting) (fawn) IGH-MS-F88A6.jpg
Italian Greyhound (miniature) (show pose) (tan_wht) IGH-M-SP-TW6487.jpg
Italian Spinone ITSP.jpg
Jack Russell Terrier (standing) JRT-ST.jpg
Jack Russell Terrier JRT.jpg
Japanese Chin (blk_wht) JC-BW095C.jpg
Japanese Chin (side view) (b_w) JC-SV-BW7428.jpg
Japanese Chin (side view) (tan_wht) JC-SV-TW2DB3.jpg
Keeshund KSN.jpg
Kerry Blue Terrier KBT.jpg
Labrador Retriever (side view) (black) LB-SV-B.jpg
Labrador Retriever (side view) (choc) LB-SV-C.jpg
Labrador Retriever (side view) (yellow) LB-SV-Y.jpg
Labrador Retriever (sitting) (blk) LB-S-B.jpg
Labrador Retriever (sitting) (choc) LB-S-C.jpg
Labrador Retriever (sitting) (yellow) LR-S-Y.jpg
Lakeland Terrier (blk_tan) LKT-BT8225.jpg
Lakeland Terrier (red) LKT-R.jpg
Leonberger LNB.jpg
Lhasa Apso LA.jpg
Lowchen LOCN.jpg
Maltese M.jpg
Manchester Terrier MCHT.jpg
Mastiff (fawn) MST-F.jpg
Miniature Pinscher (blk_red) MP-BLK-REDB8.jpg
Miniature Pinscher (brn_red) MP-BR-R8ACD.jpg
Miniature Pinscher (red) MP-R.jpg
Miniature Pinscher (side view) (blk_red) MP-SV-BLK-RFF12.jpg
Miniature Pinscher (side view) (brn_red) MP-SV-BR-R36F3.jpg
Miniature Pinscher (side view) (red) MP-SV-R.jpg
Newfoundland NFL.jpg
Newfoundland, Landseer NFL-L.jpg
Norfolk Terrier NFT.jpg
Norwegan Elkhound (lt grey) NWE-LG .jpg
Norwegian Elkhound (drk grey) NWE-DG.jpg
Norwich Terrier (red) NWT-R.jpg
Norwick Terrier (blk_tan) NWT-BT6829.jpg
Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever (red_wht) NSR-RW085A.jpg
Old English Sheepdog OES.jpg
Papillon (b_w) PAP-BW2779.jpg
Papillon (red_wht) PAP-RWBAB1.jpg
PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) PBGV.jpg
Pekingese (show pose) (fawn) PEK-SP-F.jpg
Pharoah Hound PH.jpg
Pomeranain (blk_tan) POM-BT9B53.jpg
Pomeranian (red) POM-R.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Show Cut (apricot) P-S-SC-A.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Show Cut (blk) P-S-SC-B.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Show Cut (pink) P-S-SC-P.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Show Cut (silver) P-S-SC-S.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Show Cut (wht) P-S-SC-W.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Sporting Clip (apricot) P-S-SPC-A.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Sporting Clip (black) P-S-SP-B.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Sporting Clip (pink) P-S-SPC-P.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Sporting Clip (silver) P-S-SPC-S.jpg
Poodle, Standard, Sporting Clip (wht) P-S-SPC-W.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Show Cut (apricot) P-T-SC-A.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Show Cut (wht) (standing) P-T-SC-WST.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Show Cut (wht) P-T-SC-W.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Sporting Clip (apricot) P-T-SPC-A.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Sporting Clip (blk) P-T-SPC-B.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Sporting Clip (pink) P-T-SPC-P.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Sporting Clip (silver) P-T-SPC-S.jpg
Poodle, Toy, Sporting Clip (wht) P-T-SPC-W.jpg
Portuguese Water Dog, Lion Cut PWD-LC.jpg
Portuguese Water Dog, Retriever Cut PWD-RC.jpg
Pug (fawn) PUG-F.jpg
Pug in Black PGB.jpg
Pug in White PGW.jpg
Puli PLI.jpg
Rhodesian Ridgeback RR.jpg
Rottweiler (side view) ROT-SV.jpg
Rottweiler ROT.jpg
Saint Bernard (side view) STB-SV.jpg
Saint Bernard STB.jpg
Saluki (side view) (cream) SLK-SV-C.jpg
Saluki (side view) (grizzle) SLK-SV-GR.jpg
Saluki (side view) (red) SLK-SV-R.jpg
Saluki (side view) (silver_blk) SLK-SV-SLBFB09.jpg
Saluki, Trotting (b_w) SLK-T-BWFD7C.jpg
Saluki, Trotting (gold) SLK-T-G.jpg
Samoyed SAM.jpg
Schipperke SCHP.jpg
Schnauzer (miniature) (blk w_grey) SNZ-M-BwGD552.jpg
Schnauzer (miniature) (un-cropped ears) SNZ-M-UNE.jpg
Schnauzer SNZ.jpg
Schnauzer, Miniature SNZ-M.jpg
Scotish Terrier, Tartan (wheaten w_red) STT-W w_RB9F9.jpg
Scottish Deerhound SDH.jpg
Scottish Terrier (black) ST-B.jpg
Scottish Terrier (wheaten) ST-W.jpg
Scottish Terrier, Tartan (blk w_blue) STT-Blk w_Blu1A50.jpg
Scottish Terrier, Tartan (blk w_red) STT-Blk w_R934E.jpg
Scottish Terrier, Tarten (wheaten) (blu w_grn) STT-W-Blu w_Grn0D80.jpg
Sealyham Terrier SLHM.jpg
Sha Pei (red) SHP-R.jpg
Shar Pei (fawn) SHP-F.jpg
Shetland Sheepdog (blue merle) SS-BM.jpg
Shetland Sheepdog (sable) SS-S.jpg
Shiba Inu (red_wht) SI-RW6D79.jpg
Shih Tzu STZ.jpg
Siberian Husky (b_w) SBH-BW12C3.jpg
Silky Terrier SLK.jpg
Tibetan Spaniel (fawn) TSP-F.jpg
Tibetan Terrier (gold-1) TT-G-1.jpg
Tibetan Terrier (oes b_w) TT-OES-BW4D6C.jpg
Tibetan Terrier (oes gold) TT-OES-G.jpg
Tibetan Terrier (red) TT-R.jpg
Vizsla VZL.jpg
Weimaraner (side view) WR-SV.jpg
Welsh Terrier WT.jpg
West Highland White Terrier (side view) WHT-SV.jpg
West Highland White Terrier WHT.jpg
Wheaten Terrier, Soft-Coated (side view) WTSC-SV.jpg
Wheaten Terrier, Soft-Coated WTSC.jpg
Whippet (fawn) WPT-F.jpg
Whippet (fawn_brindle) WPT-FBDL43EB.jpg
Whippet (grey brindle) WPT-GBDL.jpg
Whippet (tan) WPT-TN.jpg
Yorkshire Terrier (long cut) YT-LC.jpg
Yorkshire Terrier (short cut) YT-SC.jpg