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A SANTA CHRISTMAS DOG of sizable proportion!  Elegant and charming, this SANTA DOG COLLECTIBLE measures
 27"  in height.  This Giant Dog just explodes with magnificence!


In grand stature this CHRISTMAS DOG is dressed in a faux fur trimmed dark red coat and hat. He carries a bag which is loaded with Christmas gifts of tasty dog bones, pine branches and red berries. A candy cane in tote, and a decorative holly broach with red berries on his hat, only add charm to a timeless collectible!

The SANTA DOG CHRISTMAS COLLECTIBLE is available in 45 realistically hand painted AKC dog breeds.  (see list of dog breeds below)


Let this beautiful dog decor grace your home this year.  All Hand Made by an artist right here in the USA. Limited edition   27" tall !                  click to enlarge


    **  12" Christmas Dog available also - 

Price:  $99.00 ea.  Plus S & H
Ships out in 3-4 wks. (sooner if possible)


                      ~ SANTA DOG CHRISTMAS COLLECTIBLE ~

            Breed:   Quantity:


Email us if you would like to see a specific breed.  We will email you back a picture to view.


Here is a list of the breeds available:  Airedale, Basset (bk/tri, lm/wh, tri), Bernese Mt. Dog, Bichon, Boston, Boxer (bd, fn, wh), Bulldog (bd, fn), rd/wh, wh), Cairn (gr, red, wt), Cavalier (bk/tn, bm, ru, tri), Cocker Spaniel (bk, bk/tn, bk/wh), Collie-Rough (bl, sa, tri, wh), Dachshund-smooth (bk/tn, dap, rd), Doberman (bk/tn, bl, fn, rd), English Cocker (bk, bl/ro, go) English Setter  (blbe, orbe, tri, wh), German Shepherd (bk, bk/tn, wh), Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter, Greyhound (bk, bl, fn, fn/bd, re,wh), Irish Setter, Jack Russell (bk/wh, tn/wh, tri) Labrador Ret. (bk, ch, yl) Maltese, Mastiff (ap, bd, fn), Min. Schnauzer (bk, bk/si, sp) Min. Schnauzer Uncropped (bk, bk/si, sp), Pointer - German Short Hair (li, li/wh) Poodle (ap, bk, ch, cr, red, si, wh), Pug (bk, fn), Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Scottish Terrier (bd, bk, wh), Sheltland Sheepdog (bl, bibk, sa, tri), Shih Tzu (bk/whi, go/whi, wh), Springer Spaniel (bk/whi, li/whi, tri), Vizsla, Weimaraner ,Corgi,Pembroke (rd/wh, tri, wh), Welsh Terrier, West Highland, Wheaton Terrier, Whippet (bd, bl/wh, fn/wh, rd/wh, wh), Wire Fox Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier.


Examples of some of the Dog Heads



Dog Heads