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You want your DOGS BED to provide ULTIMATE PRESSURE RELIEVING SUPPORT and comfort.
With Max Comfort BioMedic, your DOGS BED provides the most therapeutic support for orthopedic conditions such as Hip or Elbow Dysplasia and Canine Arthritis. 

 All our BIGORTHOPEDIC- MEMORY FOAM DOG BEDS - BIG DOG BED DOG BEDS  are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. All have zippered, removable, washable covers.

 With  Max Comfort, your DOGS BED will never sag, flatten out, break down or get lumpy. GUARANTEED, for the life of your pet! 

 A DOG MATTRESS with memory foam  provide more support per inch than most other orthopedic dog beds/mattresses. Max Comfort® foam is much more dense than foam used in other dog beds/mattresses, and provides maximum comfort for a dog of any size or age.

The larger the dog the more prone they are to orthopedic problems, and the more time they spend laying down. BioMedic memory foam dog beds are recommended by Veterinarians for dogs with orthopedic conditions, after surgeries, or older dogs who need more support. Getting a good nights sleep is essential to your dogs health.

Originally developed by NASA for space flight, Memory Foam  is the most comfortable sleep surface ever developed. NASA technology memory foam responds to body heat and weight, it conforms to your pet's body, providing exceptional therapeutic cushioning. The support is even throughout. This assures comfort for your dog's spine and prevents the creation of compression points that aggravate any orthopedic condition.

Memory foam is the perfect choice for your older dog or dog with health problems.
Use 4" thick beds for pets up to 100 lbs. 6" & 8" thick beds for pets over 100 lbs.

4" dog beds have 2" of memory foam & 2" of additional support foam.
6" dog beds have 3" of memory foam & 3" of additional support foam.
8" dog beds have 3" of memory foam & 5" of additional support foam.

Washable Cover:
Simply remove cover. Machine wash in cold water on delicate. Lay flat to dry.

Microfiber Faux Suede Cover:
These new high tech Microfiber Faux Suede's are soft and luxurious, soil resistant, durable and water repellent. They look and feel very plush.

These beds are custom made upon receiving your order.  Please allow at least 7-15 days for delivery.

Note:  It is very important to measure your dog lying down from Nose to Rump when selecting a bed. If the measurements of your dog exceed the measurements of the bed, choose a larger size bed. Please note, dog beds are not returnable.

This is the  Original Orthopedic - DOG MATTRESS - FOR THE BIG DOG

  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Beds
  • Ultimate Therapeutic Pressure Relieving Support ORTHOPEDIC- MEMORY FOAM DOG BEDS - BIG DOG BED
  • Will  NEVER Sag or Flatten!
  • Zippered, removable, washable covers
  • Exceptional Support and Comfort
  • Perfect for Senior or Challenged Dogs
  • Vet Recommended for Hip Dysplasia or Canine Arthritis
  • Made right here in the U.S.A.
Size Dimensions Price

FREE Shipping On Beds Over $250.00

4" MEDIUM 26" X 40" X 4" $198.00

Color: Quantity:

6" MEDIUM 26" X 40" X 6" $250.00

Color: Quantity:

4" LARGE 30" X 48" X 4" $250.00

Color: Quantity:

6" LARGE 30" X 48" X 6" $343.00

Color: Quantity:

8" LARGE 30" X 48" X 8" $389.00

Color: Quantity:

4" XL 36" X 52" X 4" $338.00

Color: Quantity:

6" XL 36" X 52" X 6" $378.00

Color: Quantity:

8" XL 36" X 52" X 8" $438.00

Color: Quantity:

4" GIANT 48" X 60" X 4" $448.00

Color: Quantity:

6" GIANT 48" X 60" X 6" $558.00

Color: Quantity:

8" GIANT 48" X 60" X 8" $668.00

Color: Quantity:

4" HUGE 52" X 72" X 4" $558.00

Color: Quantity:

6" HUGE 52" X 72" X 6" $718.00

Color: Quantity:

8" HUGE 52" X 72" X 8" $820.00

Color: Quantity:

Ships out in 7-15 business days

Microfiber Faux Suede Colors:
Chocolate, Buckskin, Olive, Cobalt, Navy, Leopard, Celery, Lilac,
Red, Wine, Orange, Hot Pink, Charcoal, Black.


Faux Leather Colors:

Brown, Camel, Blue, Charcoal, Black, Maroon


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