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About Dog Gone Glamorous

Hi, I'm Marlin   Hi, I'm Haley
Marlin   Haley
I'm cute and silly and the most photogenic person in our family. Mom uses me as a model in much of our advertising. Yes, I am widely recognized and often mistaken for Brad Pitt. My sister Haley often gets jealous, can you blame her! Oh, did I mention she's ugly.   I'm cute and sweet and exuberant. I find it hard to control myself. Jumping on people is a favorite sport of mine. You snooze, you loose. I will steal your gloves, hat, purse, and shoes. Swiping a Thanksgiving Turkey off the counter is not out of the question. I'm faster than lightening! Nothing is off limits to me.


Hi, I'm Kim
And I am blessed to share my life and work with these two characters. Together we bring you Dog Gone Glamorous!
P.S: Feel free to contact us any time. We are pretty casual around here, yet passionate about our work!

Family Photo Family Photo Dogs and Me 
Marlin The Happy Siblings!
A long hard day of modeling! Can somebody turn off the light........ The Happy Siblings!



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