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"I am a holistic veterinarian and am always in search of natural products for my patients. PetzLife dental products have been a great addition. I feel like I have a new "tool" against tartar. In my 17 years in practice I have often seen older pets undergo anesthesia for dental cleanings or growth removals, and they were never the same afterwards. Some even developed seizures.  This Oral Care hasworked on my patients that have had severe tartar and gingivitis. Before discovering these products we had to perform dental cleanings under anesthesia or resort to keeping the animal on antibiotics (As a holistic vet I don't use antibiotics very often).
Now we can cure the problem while avoiding the anesthesia and the drugs !"

Susan Maier, D.V.M.

From: Celeste Yarnall

I, too, have had some horrendous experiences with anesthesia. As a holistic consultant and author ("Natural Cat Care" and "Natural Dog Care"), I avoid it whenever possible. When I must, I ask for Isofluorane, as this anesthesia I feel is the safest. I also prefer no preop sedatives (such as Ket/Valium or Propofal [sic?]) because of my first nightmare. Thirty minutes after the vet pulled my cat's "trach tube" (the tube inserted in your pet's throat), my beautiful, love-of-my-life Siamese cat went into cardiac arrest and died. How heartbreaking it was to go home from a dental with an empty cat carrier. I sobbed for days, but she had clearly been over-anesthetized. They used a new drug pre-op (Propofal instead of Ket/Valium, which is more common), then gave her a pain patch, and pain meds. This is just too many drugs. How many times must our hearts be broken before they learn these bitter lessons? I know they are trying to provide pain control, and vets are doing their best to accomplish this. However, all to often, the result is fatal.

Last year, a client of mine purchased two beautiful, healthy, robust, male kittens. She took them both in for neutering but only went home with one. This little guy lost his brother because he had been given an overdose of the anesthesia.

The next loss was following a spay and teeth cleaning... two procedures I have learned the hard way should not be done together. Bacteria from teeth cleaning are "stirred up," but who wants to put them under twice?

Celeste Yarnall

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product with the dental gel!  We use your products regularly in our rescue organization as we see a lot of older dogs that have not had the best food or oral care in their lives, and are badly in need of teeth cleaning. Most are too old or sick to undergo anesthesia, and when we have an animal that can undergo the treatment the cost is usually beyond what we can afford. Your dental gel has changed that entirely!

We recently took in a 10 year old beagle named Major who needed his teeth cleaned, and he just wasn't getting adopted with his bad breath. After just two weeks on your dental gel his teeth were white and his breath fresh - a huge difference! Major has found a home with a wonderful couple and they will continue to purchase this product.

I ordered your products on Aug. 28th., they arrived on the 30th (very fast shipping!) and I began using them on the 31st. Today is Sept. 5th.  I am amazed at the difference that this is making. I have 6 dogs and we are spraying in the am about an hour after breakfast and using the Gel at night about an hour after last turn out treats. Several of my dogs have pretty good teeth but the brown staining that is on one girls teeth is disappearing. The dog with the worst teeth had wonderful breath almost immediately and now I'm just using my finger nails and popping off this horrid nasty plaque in huge chunks. I don't have strong nails either, this stuff has never come off like this. Before I was giving my dogs knuckle bones and brushing with CET every other day and the results were not that good. I am now using your products exclusively. 5 of my dogs are retired racing greyhounds and they are well known for usually having horrible teeth (all greyhounds, not just mine!!) I have recommended your products to many of my friends. I will be using your products for a long time! I wish I could have taken pics of their teeth, but I can't hold their mouths open and take a pic at the same time.

Thanks much,

Anne Greene
Majestic Collars
The Greyhound Village


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